Top Reasons to Earn Your Nursing Degree Online

nurse-friendsIn a world where everyone is time crunched and harried, online education offers convenience, flexibility, and a viable means for working nurses to earn an advanced nursing degree bound to make their resume shine and keep them competitive in today's tough job market. Not sure that online nursing education is right for you? Take a moment to consider some of the advantages of earning your nursing degree online...

1) Online nursung degree programs offer convenience, flexibility and easy access to education in a world where everyone is over-committed, time crunched and in a hurry. Through your desktop or laptop computer you are only a few clicks away from the course syllabus, weekly lecture notes or assignment requirements 24 hours a day. Equally accessible is the course instructor who will become your virtual professor throughout the course as you develop a one-on-one relationship via your internet connection. This flexibility allows a student to manage a job, family obligations and lifestyle activities without interruption. Schoolwork accommodates the student, rather than the other way around. In this scenario, nursing education is now available to working nurses who might never be able to pursue a traditional program otherwise.

2) No other educational delivery system is capable of providing such up to the minute knowledge and research material. The world is changing rapidly. The internet can keep you tuned in to those changes as they occur. Hardcopy textbooks and encyclopedias are out of date as soon as they come off the presses. If you want to be there to see the pulsing, changing world around you, then online nursing education is the key. Online Nursing Degree Programs provide a living, breathing educational experience. Webcam access can allow you view history as it is being made even to the point of watching new surgical techniques being performed live, right before your eyes.

3) Online education provides an environmentally friendly, green approach to education for society. Online nursing students do not need to drive a car or take public transportation to their brick and mortar classroom. They do not contribute to rush hour traffic or spew toxic exhaust into the atmosphere. Classrooms remain dark, with little need for heating, air conditioning or electricity when traditional classroom delivery is replaced with offsite distance learning.

4) Instructors involved in online nursing programs can take advantage of the opportunity to develop stronger and more in depth courses with each passing semester. Freed from the time constraints of standing in front of the classroom droning on about the same lecture materials they have used repeatedly in past semesters, online nursing instructors are able to devote time to augmenting their online course lectures with fresh, new information and up to the minute research results.

Both students and instructors benefit from the instructor's newfound freedom. If the instructor isn't spending three or more hours per class each week in front of a classroom, he or she is free to provide additional online office time for students to chat, ask questions to clarify material or discuss the requirements of the course. The less time spent in repetitive, time consuming activities, the more time there is to create an interactive educational environment between the student and the teacher.

5) The online learning platform allows for a distraction-free environment for the dedicated nursing student. Learning at your own pace means not being held back by other students taking the course who are not as dedicated or as intelligent in their pursuit of an education. Online interaction between instructor and student is much more one-on-one than it is in a traditional classroom where everyone's attention must be occupied by the random questions of individual students.

6) Online Nursing Programs allows working nurses to pursue nursing education opportunities across the country or around the world without sacrificing their existing lives and relationships. Specialized or unusual courses of study may now become available to a wider cross section of potential students. Not everyone has the time, finances or inclination to pursue an education on a full-time basis. Online education provides better options to fit the needs of the student.

7) Employers can benefit from online nursing programs because it offers ease of access for working nurses and other health care employees to build additional skill sets while maintaining their job responsibilities and restricting the cost outlays necessary to provide further education. It is unrealistic to assume you will enter the nursing workforce with enough knowledge to carry you safely through to retirement. Expanded learning options are the heart of career enhancement. Distance learning in the workplace is a concept whose time has come.

If you have the drive, ambition and the will to reach your goals, but lack the time, convenience or flexibility to earn your nursing degree in a traditional educational environment, online nursing degree programs may just be the avenue to advancing your education that you need.