RN to MSN Degree Programs

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Designed for licensed RNs with an accredited Associate’s Degree in nursing or a Diploma in Nursing who want to pursue more advanced positions in today's challenging health care environment, online RN to MSN bridge programs provide the opportunity to complete your BSN and your MSN degree online at the same time in a combined accelerated program that saves both time and money.

Earning your MSN degree online prepares you for leadership nursing positions in administration, nursing education, public health, and also opens the door to advanced practice Nurse Practitioner specialties.

Advantages of online RN to MSN Programs Include: 

Specifically designed for working nurses, Online RN to MSN bridge programs provide a convenient and flexible means for busy nurses to earn their MSN degree at their own pace while continuing to earn a living.

  • No Wait Lists - Start Quickly
  • Fully Accredited
  • Convenient online learning format
  • Learn at Your Place and Your Pace
  • Accommodates busy and irregular schedules
  • Reduce Redundant Courses - Finish Faster
  • Save Time & Money

Earning your Master of Science in Nursing (MSN degree) through an accredited online RN to MSN program enables you to pursue nursing positions that require the MSN, to take on nursing leadership, education, and management positions, allows you to specialize as a Nurse Practitioner, and serves as the foundation for graduate or post graduate certificate programs and entry into Nursing Doctoral degree programs.

 Earn Your MSN Degree Through An Online RN To MSN Degree Program

Advance your career and get the competitive advantage you need without missing a day of work by earning your accredited MSN degree online without ever stepping foot in a classroom. Explore accredited online RN to MSN degree programs and get admissions information, academic, tuition, transfer credit, and financial aid information from admissions advisers today: