Nursing School Study Guide

Nursing School Study Guide Study - Skills, Tips, and Strategies For Nursing Students

Smiling Teacher Carrying Textbooks and AppleOnline nursing education is a great alternative to traditional nursing schools, but returning to school as an adult student poses some unique challenges as well. The very idea of returning to college after being out for some years is often intimidating enough, let alone the prospect of being able to manage to do well in nursing classes while also balancing work and family schedules.

Working nurses returning to earn an online nursing degree often worry that they will have a hard time doing well in nursing school after being away from an academic environment for some time. They worry about whether their study skills are too rusty, that they have forgotten how to write college papers, or how to do well on exams. Believe it or not you can brush up on all of those study skills and probably learn some new tips, and we're going to help you do that, but in fact you already have a big edge over first time nursing students!

The truth is that nursing students who return to nursing school after working in nursing for a while are far more motivated and focused than they were when they earned their initial nursing degree. Having been in the nursing workforce for a while they've set their sights on a goal, know what they want to achieve, have the drive to achieve it, and that's a huge part of being successful in earning an advanced nursing degree!

That leaves brushing up on some fundamental college study skills and nursing school success strategies! We're nurses just like you and we've graduated from traditional nursing schools and finished some online nursing programs as well, so we put together this nursing school study guide to provide prospective nursing students and working nurses returning to earn their next nursing degree in online nursing classes with some tried & true study skills, nursing school success strategies, and resources designed to help you succeed in online nursing programs.

Online Nursing School Success Strategies

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Time Management Tips For Online Nursing Students

nursing-school-advise-thumbTime management can be a challenge for online nursing students. Don't worry though because we're not going to leave you to figuring things out alone. Online nursing students share their favorite time management tips for you. Learn the best strategies to meet deadlines, keep up with new content, and make the most of every moment on your way to successfully earning your next nursing degree... Read More

Saving Money On College Textbooks

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Guide to Online University Library Tools

digital-library-thumbAcademic library technologies have changed a lot over the last decade, and many non-traditional students are unfamiliar with using digital databases or reference management software. To succeed in online learning, you'll need to be able to use your university library's online resources. This article helps adult learners understand how to make the most of their online school's digital library technologies... Read More