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 Online Nurse Practitioner programs provide a convenient method for busy nurses to earn an accredited MSN degree and become a Nurse Practitioner in a variety of specialties such as adult, family, gerontology, acute care, family psychiatry, adult psychiatry, pediatrics, women's health, and more while continuing to earn a living in the process.

Nurse practitioners are licensed independent advanced practice nurses who have completed a formal educational program beyond that of the registered nurse. A Master's degree is required for NP practice currently, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) will be required by the year 2015.

NPs provide high quality healthcare services similar to those of a doctor. In addition to diagnosing and managing acute episodic and chronic illnesses, nurse practitioners emphasize health promotion and disease prevention. NPs specialize in many areas, including Acute Care, Adult Health, Family Health, Gerontology, Neonatal, Oncology, Pediatric/Child Health, Psychiatric/Mental Health, and Women’s Health, and often practice in a wide variety of sub-specialty areas as well.

Nurse practitioners have advanced education in pathophysiology, pharmacology and clinical diagnosis and treatment that prepares them to diagnose and prescribe medications and treatments in their specialty area. (NPs hold prescriptive privilege in all 50 states, including controlled substances in all but 3.) Nurse Practitioners practice in many types of settings and earn $92,100 a year average salary.

Specifically designed for working nurses who are interested in expanding their career options, including increasing their salary, online Nurse Practitioner programs require an average of two years to complete with academics done online and conveniently scheduled local clinicals.


Earn an Online Nurse Practitioner Degree

Advance your career and get the competitive advantage you need without missing a day of work by earning your Nurse Practitioner degree online. Explore accredited online Nurse Practitioner degree programs and request additional information about requirements, tuition, financial aid, and start dates directly from nursing schools offering Nurse Practitioner programs that best match your interests: